Great things are coming for “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” as CD Projekt confirmed that it is currently working on the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 patches. It can be recalled that before PlayStation 4 Pro was launched, the game developer said that it will no longer go back to add upgrades for Sony’s latest console.

Previous stand

According to the gaming studio, the reason for their decision at that time was that they wanted to completely focus on its next game titled, “Cyberpunk 2077.” Taking the game from a full HD game and transforming it into a full 4K would cost the studio too many resources and lots of time.

However, it appears that things are about to change with recent confirmation from CD Projekt.

Recent announcement

During the Xbox E3 2017, Phil Spencer, Xbox executive said that several third party studios are working on 4K patches for Microsoft’s latest console. On the screen at his back were art boxes of several titles including “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.” Given the previous position of the studio, the news from Spencer was a big surprise. While there were several claims that it could possibly be just an error, another confirmation sealed the news.

On Twitter, studio’s community lead Marcin Momot confirmed that they are indeed working on something for the latest Microsoft console after a fan inquired about it.

The lead would not reveal any details as to whether they are working on an enhancement patch or not. However, he confirmed that the same is also being developed for PlayStation 4 Pro. He promised to share more soon. This was supported later by confirmation from the studio, Eurogamer reported.

How the Polish studio intends to improve the game still remains to be seen.

However, hearing this kind of news truly excites the fans. This will be another great way of experiencing “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” at a higher resolution.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” follows the story of the monster hunter, Geralt of Riva. He is on a quest for his adopted daughter who is on the run from the wild hunt. This wild hunt is an otherworldly force determined to capture and utilize her powers.

In the game, the player will fight against many perils using magic and weapons. Also, there are side quests, bounty contracts, and treasure hunts to collect gold and experience points. These can be utilized to increase Geralt's various abilities and weapons. The title's main story features various endings, dependent on the choices Geralt made during the major points in the story.