"The Witcher 3: HD Reworked Project 4.6" is now available for download. The latest version of the impressive mod has been receiving positive comments from those who have already seen its latest trailer. The most recent version of the mod has undergone massive changes predominantly in its visuals.

Latest version

The modder who goes by the name Halk Hogan has made "The Witcher 3: HD Reworked Project 4.6" available for download today. Among the noticeable changes in the mod's latest version is the rework done on most Stone Walls. This includes the stone walls in the village, interiors, regular rough, and poor messy.

There are also visible reworks done on the bricks of the game. Among these are seen in the rounded mixed, poor messy, and even on the building stone edges.

The Poor Wood including its structures, wood walls, planks, doors, and other objects has also undergone rework. Most roofs in the game are also seen to have undergone several improvements. These are visible in the different types of roofing including metal, ceramic and thatched. Players also see the significant improvement done on the water elements of the game. This includes the rivers, seas, lake, puddles, wells, fountains, and streams. Several other miscellaneous things have also undergone tweaking. Among these are harbor anchors in Toussaint, floor square braziers, sacks, grains, and rich crates among others.

The latest version has also fixed the E3 Novigrad Walls where the textures are improved and several crashes are fixed.


As part of the celebration of the release of the latest version of the mod, Halk Hogan launched the latest trailer. The trailer highlights the massive changes in the game’s textures. It also shows the high-quality meshes and the distinctly customized items and materials.

Moreover, players can also see in the latest trailer the improved maps, and all the models, textures, and items that have undergone rework. Furthermore, the video also shows the changelog for the 4.6 version of the fan-favorite mod.

Meanwhile, several fans have been making positive comments about the latest version of having seen the trailer.

On Reddit, a user is all praises for the latest version. The Redditor said that he has been playing the mod since its first release and he is impressed at the remarkable attention to details that the mod has achieved. Another user, Corvah, find the mod amazing while highlighting that in most cases it has trouble loading on the screen.

We will give you more updates about "The Witcher 3: HD Reworked Project 4.6" as soon as information becomes available. For those who would like to download the mod, you can visit the modders official website at NexusMod. Meanwhile, you can find the trailer of the latest version of the mod below, enjoy.