Game enthusiasts have a lot of reasons to celebrate as they will be treated to a number of game revelations at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017. One of the much-anticipated announcements may come from Bethesda as there are swirling rumors that it is about to unveil two new titles.

Fans have been expecting some new details about “elder scrolls 6,” and although the video game company is going to talk about it, there will be new unknown games coming. There are many rumors that one of them is “Evil Within 2” while the other one is “Starfield,” as revealed by a source name Salulard on 4chan.

Bethesda's interconnected universe

According to Daily Express, “Starfield” is Bethesda’s new IP and will be one of the biggest announcements at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017.

Allegedly, the game will be connecting the universes of "Fallout 4” and “The Elder Scrolls 6.” The title will be a space adventure that will let players experience two different settings of broken timeline. It has been said bridging the gap between the two famous games is part of Bethesda’s planned interconnected universe of every franchise.

On the whole, “Fallout” will be the beginning of the timeline while “Starfield” will its be middle, connecting everything to “Elder Scrolls.”

Salulard narrated that “Starfield” had been in the conceptual stage since “Fallout 3” was released.

After “Skyrims” was unveiled, it went into preproduction. The video game company then focused on its full development after its full preproduction when “Fallout 4” was out and all the DLC was revealed.

Possible concept for the new ‘Elder Scrolls 7’

Meanwhile, Salulard also revealed that Bethesda might finally reveal the preproduction stage of “Elder Scrolls 6” and its new concept for “Elder Scrolls 7.”

The latter game is said to have a settlement system just like in “Fallout 4.” Its gameplay, on the other hand, may make the gamers play the role of a prisoner that has been sent on a royal colonial ship to Akavir, where the game is set.

Moreover, "Elder Scrolls 7" is also said to feature four new races. One is human and revealed to be the first Asian race in the game franchise. The second one is a monkey humanoid while the third one is a humanoid tiger, and, lastly, a humanoid snake race, although this is believed to be a parasite race.

The latest planned installment is still in its conceptual stage, so nothing is final yet. But, it is looking like it will transpire on all of Tamriel, which means it has to use the new technology. It, too, is trying to feature "full destructibility," Game Zone reported.