After months of anticipating and teasing, Blizzard finally launched the Summer Games event in “Overwatch.” It was first introduced last year and is meant to celebrate the hottest time of the season. Unfortunately, it is not making any good impression now.

According to Dot Esports, “Overwatch” players are experiencing long queues following the release of the aforementioned event. The studio is reportedly aware of the issue, but cannot provide any fix yet. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Broken servers

It appears that the prominent success of Summer Games has taken a toll on the game’s official servers.

Players trying to log into the game are having a hard time, as they are usually kicked out. Others are stuck in queues immediately after playing Lucioball, the Arcade mode introduced via the event. The issue first surfaced on PC, but later on, it went across all platforms including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The console version, however, is experiencing the most issues.

Blizzard announced via Twitter that they are aware of the ongoing issue in “Overwatch.” However, they cannot provide immediate resolution yet. They are still trying to fix the issue, which has something to do with the game’s live servers.

Many enthusiasts believe that this is due to the amount of players trying to access the game. This even goes without saying that the sheer number of fans updating their clients could have affected the studio’s hardware.

Issue rose after playing Lucioball

Players posted on the official “Overwatch” forum site, explaining how the issue came to surface.

It happened after they played the Competitive version of Lucioball. Eventually, they were stuck in queues, waiting for the game to load match. They thought it had something to do with their connection, but later found out it was a glitch. They cannot even cancel the search, leaving them stuck in matchmaking. Some players tried uninstalling and installing the game as well as its client but to no avail.

Others even went to delete and recreate their account, but still, it proved useless.

As of this writing, Blizzard is still keeping things under-wraps. They have not provided any timeline, though they assured the community of the fix as soon as possible. It is best for players to stay away from playing Lucioball unless the studio says so. In fact, fans are still reporting on the forum site, suggesting that the issue still persists. So, as much as possible, it is best to veer away from the said Arcade mode. Blizzard should be updating the community as soon as a fix arrives.