Right after the announcement of the Theme Park map included in the Blood Orchid expansion for "Rainbow Six Siege" comes the first of the two Hong Kong operators set to be added to the game's roster of counter-terrorists. Ying comes as a new playable character from Hong Kong's S.D.U (Special Duties Unit), sometimes referred to as the Flying Tigers.

The Dazzler

Ying packs the Six12 Modular Shotgun, the T-95 LSW bullpup assault rifle and the Q-929 pistol for her side arm. She will have Candela flash charges which she can use to stun and blind enemies in the game.

Her skills as an attacker will play a vital role in tactical operations in the expansion's newest map. The map is said to be a god forsaken amusement park that features an abandoned arcade, a horror house, and a ferris wheel. The map will take players to a treacherous environment as the amusement park is said to be the nest of a criminal organization that have altered the location to fit their needs. Players will find Ying a useful addition to the team in a place described as a misleading architecture by the game's Production Manager Frédérique Roussel.

Release date

The official release of Operation Blood Orchid is set on August 29, along with it comes Ying and Lesion both coming from the Flying Tigers of Hong Kong, and Ela coming from Poland.

Season pass holders will get to experience the new expansion pack on August 29 and everybody else a week after. Players will then get the chance to use Ying and her Cadela flash than can be deployed by rolling the equipment over or attaching it to a surface.

Rainbow Six games are known for the emphasis they put on realism. The team behind the development of the games consulted actual counter-terrorist units and have looked at numerous real-life examples of sieges to bring the authentic tactical counter-terrorist experience to players.

Nothing less is to be expected from a game which drew inspiration from the works of an award-winning novelist. Tom Clancy, the author of the book Rainbow Six, is known for his technically detailed espionage and military-science story lines set during and after the Cold War. He wrote other titles of the same genre which were also considered to be best sellers and are well-received by fans of nonfiction books on military subjects.

The full reveal is just around the corner, and the growing fanbase of "Rainbow Six Siege" will just have to wait for the upcoming livestream set this August 29.