The “Overwatch” server browsers were patched in earlier this year, and they have brought an assortment of cool different game modes to try. Players could create their own games by adjusting the parameters and settings themselves. Because of this, we’ve gotten some pretty cool games like hide and seek, green light/red light, move and die, and so much more. Blizzard still seems to be expanding the feature, as evident by the zero gravity option they included with Horizon Zero Dawn. Inline with this, one player actually managed to create an “Overwatch” zombie Mode using the server browsers.

Zombies march into ‘Overwatch.’

The undead has been a popular form of media over the recent years, as they have been included in all kinds of movies, games, stories, and the like. Famous games like “Red Dead Redemption” have used this medium to create some interesting stories despite its wild west theme. Incidentally, one “Overwatch” fan by the name of Deltin managed to create a zombie mode within the game, as per Kotaku. If a player manages to die, they’ll automatically be transferred to the other team as a member of the undead. To win the game, all survivors need to beat the mode alive.

How does it work?

For starters, all survivors are Torbjorns that are equipped with a hammer and turrets. The zombies, on the other hand, are Reinhardts who are huge tanks and are pretty powerful.

If any team member from the survivors die, they’ll respawn as a Reinhardt and try to kill the other little Torbjorn. The main objective here is to survive five minutes of gruesome battles against the tanks by setting up proper defenses. To expand on this gameplay feature, Deltin had to resort to using a bot as the game has limited options when it comes to respawning on the enemy team.

The creator explained that the bot stays in spectator mode and uses color detection to spot if a player dies. While in spectator mode, there are a list of players on the screen and a red X paints over them if they die. When the bot notices this, it will simulate an input to the game’s client to do an action. While it may seem illegal to use these kinds of programs, Deltin pointed out that you can’t create hacks using the bot’s code.

He plans to release it in the future once he’s smoothers out all of the bugs so that people can create their own custom games. Those who want to play Blizzard’s first-person shooter can grab a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.