Sony Interactive Entertainment's action role-playing video game "Horizon Zero Dawn" has been one of 2017's biggest hits, alongside titles like "Gran Turismo Sport," "Middle Earth: Shadow of War," "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice," and the upcoming "Assassin's Creed Origins." The PlayStation 4 video game console seems to have gathered a number of video game titles to keep their massive console fan base.

The future looked bright for "Horizon Zero Dawn" during its release early this year. The game received critical acclaim and has received praise for its open world exploration, visual aesthetics, and character development.

These reviews were immediately translated to numbers as "Horizon Zero Dawn" became the best-selling game in the UK the week it was released. "Horizon Zero Dawn" surpassed titles like "No Man's Sky" and became the most successful game to have been launched on the PlayStation 4 and also became Guerrilla Games' biggest debut to date.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" won two Best Original Game awards from the Game Critics Awards, one in 2015 and the other in 2016. Though they kicked off with a good start, Sony and Guerrilla Games now face a legal issue with the game's upcoming expansion pack.

Called The Frozen Wilds, this DLC (downloadable content) features a compelling new story, a vast new area, and new machines.

Trademark suspension

The USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) reportedly issued a suspension notice for the upcoming The Frozen Wilds DLC. A user on NeoGAF, an internet forum that discusses video games, discovered the notice which is reported to have been over a month old.

According to USPTO, mobile game developer Huuuge Games already filed for a similar trademark before Sony.

Huuuge Games filed a trademark for a mobile phone slot machine game named Frozen Wild.

The issued notice does not necessarily require the name to be changed, apparently, Sony will have the capability to answer and make a case that there will be no confusion between the two trademarks. We may still see the DLC as The Frozen Wilds, though this undertaking might prove to be a long battle.

Though it may take Sony some time to actually trademark the name, The Frozen Wilds expansion pack will still be released on November 7.

Mystery Minis

The year 2017 has seen endless collectible merchandise based on video games. "Horizon Zero Dawn" received their own collectible merchandise just in time for its upcoming expansion pack. Funko announced the release of mystery Minis based on the hit game, the toys will come in a blind bag so there's no telling what's inside.

The toys range from collectible characters like Aloy, Erend, Watcher, Tallneck and more.