Square Enix recently announced the development of a new "Tomb Raider" game. The highly acclaimed video game franchise teases the addition of another title which could mark the beginning of a major event in 2018. The announcement came through a Twitter post, though no further information was disclosed, fans began to speculate what the new game could bring into the franchise. Gamer Rant and Wikipedia provided a lot of the facts used in this article.

The original "Tomb Raider" game came out in 1993, originally created by Core Design (a video game developer based in England which was later acquired by Square Enix after its accession of Eidos Interactive), "Tomb Raider" introduced a fresh concept in protagonist Lara Croft.

Lara was a breakthrough, the sexy English archeologist broke the traditional male-dominated adventure games. The first title had been so successful it sold over seven million units worldwide and the "Tomb Raider" games as a whole sold over 58 million copies, making it one of the best-selling video game franchises.

The gameplay introduced by "Tomb Raider" revolves around environmental navigation and solving mechanical and situational puzzles. The game itself involves clambering up steep edifices, slipping over ridges, pushing boulders, dodging traps, collecting trinkets, solving extensive puzzles, and navigating a vast 3D environment.

Through the years, the game underwent major changes and the upcoming title is said to be Lara's defining adventure.

Dark and dusty

Raiding caves and tombs are never easy, the last two titles in the franchise have been perfectly crafted to match its reboot. The original Lara Croft was the daughter of the aristocratic Lord Henshingly Croft and is depicted as the preppy, London-born noblewoman. Throughout the evolution and development of the franchise, Lara's backstory changed dramatically.

The past two games' backstory is a complete deviation from the game original manuals.

Lara's latest tale still retains the element of wealth, left to the care of Conrad Roth after her mother vanished on one of their expeditions. She was left with a vast fortune which easily gave her the means of attending the best universities her money could afford.

She later shunned the opportunity and decided to pay her tuition by working several jobs.

Choosing the tougher route, it helped Lara become grounded and helped turn her into a survivor than to the otherwise vulnerable girl. Lara's story turns into a gritty and a hardening experience and is a digression from the original plot. Through this change, the game developers were able to take a different approach to "Tomb Raider."

The game experienced a turnabout that appealed to more mature players.

Shadowy secret

Earlier this year, news about the development of a game called "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" surfaced on the internet. Hardcore "TR" fans were intrigued as Square Enix's Twitter post has the word "Shadow" all over it.

As pointed out by video game historian Liam Robertson on Twitter, one only needs to take the first letter of each sentence to get the word "Shadow."

The last two games did not fail to surprise and delight fans with the new elements and gameplay such as QTE's (Quick Time Events), equipment upgrades, and scavenging for supplies. The upcoming installment could bring players new experiences and dimensions which makes us all the more excited.