A new expansion is set to be released for "Rainbow Six Siege" late this August, and the highlight of the pack is a new map for players to set foot on named theme park. The new map is located in Hong Kong and is part of the Blood Orchid expansion pack, it's pretty much a new take on R6's environment as the location gives players much more of a Silent Hill-ish feel than a setting where one can execute tactical operations.

The Theme Park map brings operators to a shabby and abandoned amusement park where they can comfortably blow holes and breach rooms.

The game has been known to put heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and cooperation between players. Teammates can utilize the advantage of broken arcade machines in an abandoned arcade station, enjoy a game of cat and mouse in a featured haunted house or simply relax and take a break in the park's ferris wheel.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six games are known for the importance they put in to bring realism to the player's gaming experience and the team behind "Rainbow Six Siege" went as far as consulting actual counter-terrorist units and took an ample amount of time to look at real-life examples of sieges. Playing the game allows players to take the role of top counter-terrorist operatives around the world.

The inspiration

In a blog post, Rainbow Six’s Assistant Art Director Karine Letourneau and Production Manager Frédérique Roussel talked about how and why they came up with the idea of having an abandoned theme park as a new map for R6 Siege. According to Roussel, the Blood Orchid expansion takes place in a site seized by the bad guys, who adapted the layout of the area to fit their needs.

Frédérique Roussel continued by saying, “Since the spaces have been reconfigured by squatters and overgrown nature, the architecture is often misleading. You will find wildly different patterns packed in the same corner, for example, rather than a smooth succession of colors and shapes.” This new map will encourage players to experiment and explore the various structures that lie ahead of them.

Team work is key to succeeding in such a treacherous place as The Theme Park.

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Apart from the new map, the Blood Orchid expansion pack is said to include three new operators: two coming from Hong Kong and the other from Poland. The map will be a part of the Blood Orchid expansion pack which will launch 29 August for season pass holders and then a week later for everyone else.