After garnering huge popularity on both Xbox and PC, fighting video game franchise "Tekken" is all set to take the mobile gaming realm by storm.

Android and iOS versions of 'Tekken'

"Tekken" is without an iota of doubt, one of the well-received fighting-themed game franchises ever created. Game developer Bandai Namco announced the fighting classic is headed to Android and iOS.

The game is slated to soft launch today in Canada for the aforesaid platforms, while U.S.-based "Tekken" loyalists who may want to give the mobile version of the game a shot can pre-register at Tekken Mobile official website.

While the game will be up for grabs more openly during the upcoming months, those who pre-order right now will be eligible for an incentive in the form of in-game rewards. These rewards basically allude to in-game currency to recently added playable characters.

Moreover, the entire system is created to focus on community, since a hike in registration will pave the way for better items. On top of that, Bandai Namco is also teasing a never-before-seen character, Revenant.

What's to expect?

According to AndroidHeadlines, Tekken Mobile will boast more than hundred playable characters that can be upgraded to unlock more moves while creating their own unique play style.

The mobile iteration of the iconic fighting game will follow in the footsteps of other mobile spin-offs such "Mortal Kombat X." In other words, players will have to form a group of three fighters which can later come in handy in online versus matches or the story mode.

It's no secret that "Tekken" games are quite intricate. Bearing that in mind, conversion of their several systems was done with the help of the so called "Waza Cards" comprising exclusive move and attacks players can rely on during combat.

You can earn the cards as rewards after completing other objectives or story. Alternatively, they will be available in the form of in-app purchases for those who do not mind shelling out real money in order to expedite the unlocking process.

However, if you do not want to spend any money, you will be able to unlock umpteen characters and cards provided you keep playing regularly.

Competitive players will be able to save live events with better rewards, replays of matches, along with an option to gear up AI to take on other players.

Taking the popularity of its latest title, "Tekken 7" into consideration, it makes a lot of sense for Bandai Namco to offer a sleek variation of the game to the mobile domain.

The title will be free-to-play as soon as it launches worldwide, going up against a bunch of other popular mobile adaptations of fighting games. As far as system requirements are concerned, you can run Tekken Mobile on a phone or tablet with Android 4.4 (KitKat) and over 1GB of RAM.