The popular Tekken 7 game producer Katsuhiro Harada has graced the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this week. Fans of the long running arcade fighting game series who attended the event were treated with autograph signing and other goodies, including the good news on when Eliza will be available for all in the game.

Eliza out July 28

In his official Twitter post, Harada confirmed that he did mention the release date of Eliza at SDCC 2017. Released initially as a pre-order bonus character for “Tekken 7” Xbox One, PS4, and PC version, the vampiric beauty will finally be unlocked and become accessible to everyone beginning July 28.

Patch 1.04 on Xbox One and PS4

The release date of Eliza is not the only good news, it seems. Bandai Namco has also rolled out patch 1.04 for the game yesterday, July 21. But the latest update is only available on Xbox One and PS4 while gamers on PC will receive a bigger cumulative update along with all the improvements released for consoles in the last week of July.

Notably, the game developer has not yet revealed the change log for the “Tekken 7” patch 1.04 that weighed in around 740mb. However, based on what players have observed so far, it brings some changes in the visual department.

Seemingly, the new update restores the black and other darker colors during customization. Harada mentioned about this improvement earlier and said that gamers can use almost pure black colors, although, it could likely result to look more of the gray color based on the type of customization used.

On the other hand, the game's official Twitter confirmed that the PC players can look forward to the arrival of the patch next week.

The delay, however, assures that things will get fixed and Bandai Namco is collaborating with hardware developers to address some crashing issues like in the AMD 300 series.

Geese Howard as guest character

More on "Tekken 7" news, Bandai Namco Entertainment surprisingly confirmed the first of the two playable guest characters coming via DLC 2 back at the recently concluded EVO 2017 Championship.

Geese Howard from "Fatal Fury" series will join the existing roster of fighters that are now available in the game in Winter 2017.

Geese Howard from "Fatal Fury" series will join the main characters in "Tekken 7" that are now available in the game. The data mined files leaked earlier that the upcoming guest character has a meter system similar to the crossover character from "Street Fighter" franchise, Akuma.