Star Wars: Battlefront II” will have epic space battles and Jedis, according to the latest trailer that has been recently leaked. It could be one of the surprises that the game developer has been preparing to reveal at the upcoming Gamescom 2017.

Latest leak

On Natgaf, a user by the name Lifejumper shared a video of what appears to be a trailer of the Electronic Arts’ second action shooter game installment. The video highlights the game’s epic Space Battles, which is one of the most-awaited elements of the game. The trailer did not reveal the gameplay, but in-engine capture, which gives impressive looking visuals.

The latest trailer, according to some reports, could be the upcoming advertisement of the game titled "Space Battle." The footage also reveals the high-tension battle in space packed with space vehicles and Jedi battles. Moreover, it also underlines that those who pre-order the game will get the game’s Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition and three days of early access.

Special Character Class

Meanwhile, EZ recently revealed the Special Character Class that will be included in the upcoming action shooter game. This class, according to the game developer is significantly more powerful than the basic troopers. Distinctively, this class does not represent any particular individual or hero. EA described the class as any new characters that stand between the troopers and the heroes.

The Special Character Class is expected to be powerful game changers. There are four special characters under this class. Among these includes the Death Trooper, First Order Flame Trooper, B2-Rocket Droid, and the Wookie Warrior.

The Special Character Class abilities include launching surprise attacks by jumping into enemy lines, crushing stalemates at choke points, and flushing out hiding enemies using streaming liquid flame.

This class can also be re-spawned into one of the special characters of the franchise using Battle Points, which can be collected from in-game battles.

Other details

On August 21, Electronic Arts will hold a live demonstration of one of the modes in “Star Wars: Battlefront II” called Starfighter Assault mode. It will be held in Cologne, Germany during the Gamescom 2017.

Star Wars: Battlefront II” is scheduled to officially release on November 17, 2017. It will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game’s open Beta, which will be available on all platforms, is scheduled between October 6 and October 9, 2017. Meanwhile, you can check out the leaked trailer to get a glimpse of what the game developer has prepared for its fans.