Nintendo has been trying some really creative ways to keep players attached to “Splatoon 2.” One method they have is by hosting a splatfest wherein players will choose one of two sides and duke it out in the battlefield to see who the winner is. Just recently, we’ve gotten a splatfest that asked us to pick either mayonnaise or ketchup. Now, Nintendo’s back with another “Splatoon 2” splatfest that revolves around super powers. Which side will you choose?

‘Splatoon 2’ Super Heroes

The competition between Marina and Pearl is back, and now they’re asking us to choose between flight or Invisibility.

According to Polygon, fans have been weighing in and it seems like many inklings are siding with Pearl this time around. Having the power to defy gravity does seem pretty fun, after all. Imagine soaring through the skies in a map as you rain down ink on unsuspecting enemies. Seems like something similar to an ability we already have within the game.

On the other hand, we have invisibility which seems much more practical. You can go anywhere without being bothered and sneak into some pretty exclusive areas without being spotted. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about your terrible hair or stained clothes if you’re enjoying a night out. Not to mention that flight could also be a bit life-threatening as you pass into a no-Fly zone or accidentally hit a plane.

Results of the last splatfest

Taking a look back to the previous competition, we had mayonnaise vs ketchup which ended on a surprising note. While almost all the participants sided with Marina on this one, Mayonaise still took the crown in the “Splatoon 2” splatfest. There’s no denying the popularity of the tomato paste but it got creamed during the team and solo fights.

Because of this, many fans complained that the whole competition was rigged and unfair. They pointed out that members of team ketchup often fought against each other during matches, which didn’t count in their overall score. There were far too little members of team mayo to actually fight, so popularity in splatfests actually seems like a double-edged sword.

If this keeps up, we might see the same thing with flight and invisibility as well. Nonetheless, fans could do nothing about the result and had to accept that mayonnaise was the overall victor.

Nintendo has yet to reveal the finer details of the upcoming competition, so we’ll have to wait on it for now. Those who want to play “Splatoon 2” can pick up a copy for the Nintendo Switch.