Splatoon 2” has become one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch since it released last month. This third-person shooter has various ways of trying to get fans to play and interact with the game. Just recently, Nintendo held the second Splatfest wherein players had to choose one of either side and duke it out in the battlefield. This event lasted for one whole day and now the results are in.

Results of the Splatfest

In this “Splatoon 2” showdown, players had to choose between Mayonaise of Ketchup. The former was spearheaded by the rapper Pearl while the other condiment was proposed by the octoling singer, Marina.

According to GameSpot, there three point system has officially been revealed and the results are in.

In terms of popularity, Team Ketchup won by a landslide with 73% while Team Mayo only had 27%. Strangely enough, Team Mayo had a comeback in Solo Matches as they had a 52% win rate as compared to the 48% from Team Ketchup. Finally, the same condiment also dominated the Team Matches with 51%, leaving the tomato table sauce with only 49%. Since the event is over, players had to forfeit their Splatfest t-shirts but will be rewarded with a number of Super Sea Snails depending on the rank they earned during the event.

While this may be the second Splatfest, this is actually “Splatoon 2’s” first proper event.

The World Premiere Demo had the first fest which was about cake and ice cream. There was very little doubt that Marina’s team would win judging by her immense popularity among the fans. Because of this, team Ice Cream took the cake in the event.

Players’ reactions

While Nintendo might have formally revealed the results, Kotaku shares that many “Splatoon 2” fans believe that the Splatfest was rigged.

The fandom is pretty wild about the results because they believe it seems highly unlikely that the most popular team had such low win rates. Then again, it’s easy to drag your team down if you were busy losing all of your matches in the game.

Nonetheless, fans took to Twitter to personally attack Nintendo for their bad servers.

They also complained that there were many matches between Team Ketchup which didn’t count for the overall score. Because of this, some netizens began to realize that popularity does have a big part in the team structure. Nintendo has yet to comment on the issue nor what their plans are for the upcoming “Splatoon 2” events. Those who want to play the game can get a copy on the Nintendo Switch.