Splatoon 2” has just recently announced the Nintendo Switch and it’s become one of the best games for the hybrid console so far. Here, you’ll take control of your own inkling and partake in team battles like Turf Wars. Those without a Switch might be looking into buying both the console and game separately, but Nintendo will be releasing a Bundle containing both items with special-colored controllers.

Bundle releasing soon

Previously, Japan and Europe had gotten a “Splatoon 2” bundle that includes both the Nintendo Switch and the game. This was a great way to attract consumers into buying both items along with those special Joy-Con colors.

Now, the Americas will finally be stocking up on this specific bundle which will be exclusive to the retail store, Walmart. If you’re going to buy this, take note that this package only comes with a download code for the game.

Aside from the Switch, it also comes with a special carrying case and Neon Pink and Neon Green Joy-Cons, as per BGR. Nintendo of America SVP Doug Bowser claimed that this specific package was a great hit in both Europe and Japan, hence why they finally decided to bring it over to the US. The overall package will be available on September 8 for $379.99, so plan your schedules if you’re planning on making a trip. The Switch shortage is still rampant, so there’s a big chance that plenty of others will be looking into this “Splatoon 2” bundle.

Another Splatfest

That aside, Nintendo has also revealed that the game will be getting yet another Splatfest this coming weekend. Following the mayonnaise and ketchup war, the upcoming theme will be about super powers: would you rather have the power of flight or invisibility? While defying gravity may seem like an awesome power to have, don’t underestimate the advantages that come with being invisible.

Flight seems to be the more popular choice as many believe that this trait is associated with heroism, courage, and selflessness. Imagine soaring through the sky while raining down ink on your enemies. However, invisibility seems to be much more practical as you can do a lot more things without having to worry about what you look like.

Similarly, you could also slink away from sticky situations without having to get caught. “Splatoon 2” will finally be tackling this long-debated question and we’ll get to see which power is more popular following the upcoming splatfest. Those who want to play Nintendo’s third-person shooter can buy a copy for the Nintendo Switch.