Splatoon 2” is an upgraded version of the titular game that was released on the Wii U back in 2015. This series has been ported over to the Nintendo Switch and brings back all of the original features of the game. However, Nintendo has also added some new features and characters which make it a worthy sequel. Similarly, they also added a new mode called “Salmon Run” that has you and three other fending off monsters while collecting Power Eggs. Here are a few tips to help you get started in this new game mode in “Splatoon 2.”

Take note of the boss’ weaknesses

Salmon Run has several bosses that drop Power Eggs required for you and your squad to advance to the next stage.

However, Usgamer shares that each major enemy has their respective weaknesses that you must exploit in order to defeat it. Firstly, The standard Salamanoid boss can easily be defeated by spraying it with ink. Meanwhile, you must shoot the big bomb on the Steelhead boss’s head to kill it before it launches the explosive at you. To destroy the Steel Eel, you need to target the pilot at the end of the device.

The scrapper boss, on the other hand, is vulnerable to the rear after you stun it with ink. Moving on, shoot the pots underneath the Stinger boss to take it down. The Maw boss hides underground, so prepare your bomb before it bites you. To kill the Drizzler boss, you need to dodge its missiles and shoot at it the moment its head pops out of the umbrella.

Finally, you need to throw bombs at the Flyfish bomb’s boxes when it opens them to attack.

Heal your fallen allies

It’s easy to get carried away during fights and ignore what your other allies are doing. To win the various rounds, make sure you check up on them from time to time and help them if they’re in danger. Similarly, spray them with ink if you see that they’ve fallen in battle.

It’s better to have everyone alive so you can take down enemies faster.

Practice the weapons

In Salmon Run, “Splatoon 2” will provide you with random weapons throughout each round. It’s best if you practice each weapon carefully before playing the mode as it can become a bit difficult to use them on the spot. Take a few minutes in the practice grounds to fire some ink on dummies before attempting Salmon Run.

You’ll get a lot more value with weapons you’re proficient with as compared to firing randomly at enemies. “Splatoon 2” is now available to play on the Nintendo Switch. Take note of the online Salmon Run schedules in case you want to play.