More Pokemon news are coming out recently and it continues with a whole new set of mystery gift available for players worldwide. This followed the Pokemon Company's other world wide distribution, specifically from last month's Mega Stones for Abomasnow, Aggron, Manectric, and Tyranitar.

The new distribution has no given time period yet, but you can finally get your hands on it now. Here’s what you’ll get and how to get it.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon players get four Mega Stones

After their first mega stone giveaways, the Pokemon company seems to be very enthusiastic in giving out more.

The new "Sun And Moon" distribution is giving out another set of mega stones for four Pokemon.

Gardevoir, Lopunny, Gallade, and Mythical Pokemon Diancie will be the monsters that will be able to use the stones. However, despite these giveaways, these monsters are not found in "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon’s" wild. Player’s will have to transfer them from other games in order to use them.

To those people who may not be that familiar with these stones, Mega Stones are held items to be carried around by Pokemon to be able to activate a powerful transformation known as Mega Evolution. It was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, and it’s been around ever since. The evolution brings out more of the each monster's strength and allows them to reach their full potential.

How to get the Mega Stones

To get the Mega Stones, you must first open your "Sun and Moon" and select the Mystery gift option on the main menu. Then, choose to receive the gift using code/password. After that, you will now be given the opportunity to input the code “POYONG” to get the Mega Stones. By the end of the process, you will be given all the Mega Stones and you can pick it up in any Pokemon Center in the game.

So far Nintendo has not yet given a time limit for the distribution so we really don’t know for sure when the giveaway finally ends. I suggest that players should get their hands on it as soon as possible to avoid missing the mystery gift.

Besides this, "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" are also distributing a free rare Shiny Tapu Koko online.

Every player from around the world can get a chance to get one of these. However, if you haven't gotten yours yet you only have until August 14, 2017. Better act fast.

"Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" is now available worldwide. The sequel to the series "Pokemon Ulta Sun" and "Pokemon Ultra Moon" has little information yet, however; the game is set to come out later this year for the 3DS on November 17.