News about “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” just keeps getting better and better as we approach its release date. This week, a brand new set of updates made the fans rejoice, as a familiar organization is about to come back.

Rainbow Rocket

You better be ready for trouble because Team Rocket is back. The new details were revealed by Serebii confirming the past speculations of the first generation villains making a comeback. The brand new released download card for “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” showed members of the iconic group in both of the titles.

Just like their original costume, the team rocket members were shown wearing their old black outfit with a giant R on their chest.

Further confirming this new detail is another small screenshot related to Team Rocket. One of the two cards also featured the main protagonist in front of Lusamine’s home in Aether Foundation’s HQ. If you look closely, you can see that the mansion is not as pristine as it used to be. Instead, the house is painted black with a giant R above its doorstep.

Team Rocket is one the first groups of villains to appear in the Pokemon franchise. They first appeared in “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Blue.” Since then they have appeared in several other Pokemon games and made their name known to every Pokémon fan.

The team’s aim is to capture powerful Pokemon in order to use them for their own gain. They usually get the Pokemon via theft, capture or experimentation.

The last time we officially saw Team Rocket was in Johto region in “Pokemon Gold and Silver.” In the game, the team is trying to rebuild the organization only to fail at the hands of the protagonist.

After their ultimate defeat, what is team rocket up to now?

Their purpose in Alola

Team Rocket’s return to the games caused a lot of fans to speculate further on the subject of traveling to Kanto. Since players can now access different places because of the Ultra Wormhole, are we going to meet Team Rocket this way? Another growing speculation is the possibility of meeting the organization in Alola.

As we’ve seen from the newly released update, we see them take over an Alolan building. Will they be a part of the undisclosed post-game content that the developers are talking about?

Lastly, fans are also trying out for Mewtwo who is finally confirmed to appear in the upcoming game. Maybe we can go to a world where Team Rocket has taken over Alola instead of Necrozma?

So far, we still have no concrete information regarding Team Rocket’s appearance in Alola. Players will have to wait for “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” news for more details.