Gal Gadot is very busy lately as she travels the world to promote her upcoming movie the “Justice League.” In her promotional stop in Beijing, the Israeli actress shared details regarding the movie, particularly the obvious change that happened to Diana Prince in the DC films.

Mankind and ‘Wonder Woman’

If you’re one of the many die-hard fans of Gal Gadot and her “Wonder Woman” then you’ll probably one of the people who first noticed how different the superhero has become. When she first appeared in “Batman vs. Superman,” Diana expressed her wariness of mankind to Bruce Wayne.

This moment between him and Wayne is a stark contrast to her origin version in “Wonder Woman.” In the film, Diana is smitten with mankind. She sees them as beings of goodwill made by Zeus and therefore incapable of doing atrocious things.

Even after she defeated Ares, and finally faced the fact that humanity is flawed; she couldn’t kill Doctor Poison. Diana loves Mankind and saw herself incapable of leaving them. Comparing her to her first appearance, what exactly happened?

The 32-year-old actress explained why the change had to happen. In her promotional tour in Beijing, the Israeli actress said that they had a realization. Right after “Batman vs Superman,” everybody in their crew realized that Wonder Woman will never abandon mankind.

After all, humanity was the reason why she left Themyscira. Her mission was to save them and make their lives better, it’s a big part of what she is.

Gadot then compared that the change to the normal creative process where an artist thought that their initial idea was good. However, upon realizing that there was a better choice, the artist had to change it for the better.

Whatever happens; Diana will always be on the side of mankind.

Diana binds the superheroes together

In an interview with DC All Acess, Gadot shared more information about Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Justice League.” According to the actress, Diana’s innate love for humanity will extend to the new superhero team. Diana will become the binding force of the team.

In her scenes with the rest of the superheroes, she made sure that she makes everyone feel empowered and loved. After all, “Justice League” isn’t just about Wonder Woman, it’s about the team.

This statement given by the actress firmly confirms that Diana and Bruce will play a major role in setting up the Justice League.

Justice League” is the upcoming superhero action film by DC and Warner Bros. The movie is set to premiere in theaters on November 17.