“PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” is a very difficult game and relies purely on skill as you’ll be up against a myriad of players. Chances are you’ll usually get killed if you just started the game, and that’s okay. However, if you already know some of the basic tips and still die, maybe it’s best to reevaluate your take on the game. By now, you should already know how to move around the field and grab some weapons. Perhaps you’ve even gotten a few kills and managed to survive up to the top 20. Here are a few extra Tips to help you survive the wasteland of “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.”

Loot smartly

Possibly one of the best feelings when starting the game is coming across some valuable loot.

That way, you’ll stay protected and armed, ready to take on any other player you come across. While it may be tempting to pick everything up, remember that there are some items better than others. Needless, to say, you should opt for the higher level equipment when it comes to backpacks or vests. If you stumble across items parts you don’t need, don’t pick it up. There’s a big chance you won’t even come across the weapon that uses it anyway, so leave it. Prioritize healing items and ammo and you should be fine.

Right clicking

“PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” places heavy emphasis on critical thinking and muscle memory. Opening the inventory alone makes you an easy target, so you should learn how to go through your things as fast as possible.

Instead of dragging and dropping to equip items, use the right click as it automatically assigns things for you. It works with everything from equipping a weapon or parts to healing yourself with a Med Kit or Bandage. Remember, time is a precious element and those few seconds you saved could easily mean life or death.

Know your location

Possible one of the most important things to keep in mind is where you first land in the game. Know where you want to drop and where you want to go. If you plan on dropping yourself to the ends of the island, loot quickly and keep moving towards the white circle on your map as you’re much closer to the blue circle.

If you land as soon as you can, prepare to fight your way through as (experienced) players often rush to the middle of the battlefield and wait for other players. Keep these elements in mind and try to balance out how you explore the island. If you stay in the fields too long, you’ll be an open target for snipers. If you can, try to secure a vehicle for faster mobility when moving to a different play area.