Unown and Kangaskhan are just some of the region-exclusive monsters that are recently encountered by several “Pokemon Go” players in Europe. This is the first time that these monsters are seen in this area as they are exclusive to a particular region.

Region-exclusive monsters

In “Pokemon Go,” region-exclusive pocket monsters are creatures that can only be found on particular areas or regions of the world. In the early part of the augmented reality game, these creatures can only be caught by traveling the world. There are, however, special events that make these monsters easily available in several Sponsored PokeStops.

Unown was released in the recently concluded Chicago festival. On the other hand, Kangaskhan can only be found in New Zealand and Australia ever since the game released in July 2016. The good news is, players in Europe can now catch these creatures until August 21. Over the next hours, more of these region-exclusive pocket monsters are expected to be released in the game. Aside from this, Niantic Labs will also release Lure Modules in Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers starting August 12 until August 19 all over Europe. This will give players more chances of catching rare pocket monsters easily.

Postponed Safari Zone event

It is worth noting that Niantic Labs recently postponed some of the scheduled activities in Europe that were included in the Safari Zone events.

However, the game developer previously stated that region-exclusive monsters would be released in Europe. In a way, this could be Niantic’s way of compromising with the postponed event. The game developer also noted that they are preparing a surprise for players in Europe during the announcement. Most likely, this is the surprise that they are referring to.

Several fans are claiming that the reason why the game developer is postponing several activities lined up for the Safari Zone events is that of the previous debacle that happened in Chicago. Most likely, Niantic Labs would like to make sure this time that the same thing will never happen in the game.

The activities that were postponed to a later part of this year’s fall include activities in Prague and Copenhagen, which was previously scheduled for August 5.

Other activities that were postponed are those in Stockholm and Amsterdam.

It seems that Niantic Labs has been taking notes of the issues that have caused disappointments to the fan base. While the postponement of the activities in several places has dismayed some part of the community, the general impression is that it is acceptable as long as the old issues will not be any more encountered in the future events and activities in “Pokemon Go.”