Orisa is getting a minor buff in “Overwatch” soon. Efi Oladele’s creation after several months of being released in the game will get its much-needed adjustments. It appears that Blizzard is doing their best to address the complaints raised by players.

User’s complaint

On the game’s community forum, a user by the name Trolltorb has raised an issue with Orisa. The Battle.net user complained about having a hard time finding Orisa’s relevance in the battlefield. The user added that the Fortify and lack of damage output are not substantial particularly when faced against the rocket-punching Doomfist.

Moreover, the user noted that the hero is getting fewer opportunities in the game.

Fortunately, Blizzard has Orisa in mind, although the adjustments would only be minor. Responding to the user’s complaint, game director Jeff Kaplan said that he does not think the hero really needs a mega buff. He, however, underlined that right now, the team is doing several minor improvements for Efi Oladele’s creation. While the game director cannot reveal the details yet, he said that they are currently trying new things for the hero although some of them might not be implemented.

Kaplan added that right now, Orisa is not really far off; however, the hero is not also at its ideal shape. The game director was also careful not to detail information yet so as not to overpromise and disappoint the fans.

The latest project worked on by the team will soon be on the Public Test Realm of the game, and by then, fans will see what adjustments were made for the Omnic hero.

The Orisa-Doomfist connection

It is worth noting that while Orisa is a new hero as far as the game is concerned, she was made with the developers thinking of Doomfist in mind.

In one of the articles of Blasting News, Blizzard said that she was made as a counterpoint for Doomfist. In Orisa’s kit, there are many things that noticeably match the rocket punching hero’s abilities. For instance, to keep Doomfist kited, she has a mini Graviton Surge and Fortify so as not to get knocked down by his rocket-punching gloves.

When she finally gets her rebalance, she can be one of the best shield tanks. This position is usually given to Reinhardt as he excels in this area.


The issue for Roadhog has been a persistent one. For several weeks, players have been complaining about some of its abilities. The developers are also having a hard time addressing this problem because if they are not, they could have rolled out the adjustments earlier. Players are now disappointed with what has become of their favorite hero. However, the game developer assured players that things are being worked on for the “Overwatch” resident master of hook-fu and tattoo hero and changes are coming soon.