The much-awaited Pokemon Go” Safari Zone events have been delayed. The latest announcement from Niantic Labs caused another disappointed among players of the widely played augmented reality game.

Latest announcement

The Safari Zone events are series of activities slated to happen in August and September in chosen malls in countries like Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, and the Czech Republic. However, recently, Niantic Labs released a statement and revealed its reasons for postponing some scheduled activities in the highly anticipated worldwide event, Safari Zone.

According to the company, they have to delay some of the events in order to make sure that players could have the best gameplay experience. Among the events that will be postponed in the later part of the Fall includes activities in Prague and Copenhagen slated for August 5. Activities in Amsterdam and Stockholm are also postponed.

Activities not affected

While some of the activities will not push through, other events included in the Safari Zone will continue as scheduled. Players can still participate in the activities set on September 16 in Les Quatre Temps in Paris, at the CentrO in Oberhausen in Germany, and at La Maquinista in Barcelona, Spain. In the upcoming events, Region-Exclusive pocket monsters that were not regularly found in Europe are expected to appear.

Among these includes Tauros and Kangashkan. Players are also anticipating exclusive Raid Battles in the said event.

Moreover, the game developer also confirmed that the Stadium Event scheduled to take place on August 14 at Yokohama, Japan will not be affected by the delay and will go as planned. Despite the bad news, Niantic Labs hinted that it has prepared a surprise for fans that will soon be revealed in “Pokemon Go.” This has something to do with creatures that are hardly seen in Europe.

According to the game developer, fans will soon see more of these creatures for a short period.

Fest went wrong

During the Chicago Fest, the promise of memorable summer celebration with gatherings and fun-filled activities suffered from massive disappointing setbacks. Fans that participated in the festival suffered from countless issues ranging from service to other technical issues.

Despite the release of the Legendary Birds in the game, the fact remains that the festival was more of a flop than a success. To compensate and to apologize for the issues of the festival, participants were given a free Lugia. These Lugias were later found also to have issues that added to the headaches of the players. Their tickets were also refunded and were offered $100 of PokeCoins.

Lesson learned

While some fans are dismayed with the latest postponement of some of the scheduled activities, the most recent move from the game developer reveals a significant change. It appears that Niantic is now taking notes on the feedback from players from the recently concluded “Pokemon Go” Chicago Fest. Apparently, the developer would like to make sure that the same problems would not happen in the upcoming events, thus the postponement.