Legendary Pokemon had already hit "Pokemon Go," and thousands of trainers and players have come together to defeat and capture them. However, there are some who have not achieved these goals since they choose the least appropriate Pokemon to catch the Legendary Monsters. An example of this is Blissey. Players and trainers have started using this Pokemon to fight the strong Legendary Monsters but it does not pay off at all.

Legendary Raids in “Pokemon Go” are designed so that they can only get defeated with the help of hundreds of trainers simultaneously.

However, two players have emerged who have shown that this is not necessarily true since they alone managed to defeat a powerful Moltres. Of course, they did this with a particular strategy that some thought could work but nobody had tried until now.

Next, we will share with you all new details revealed about how this Legendary strategy works in “Pokemon Go” and new changes coming to the app in the coming days.

What was done to catch the powerful Legendary Moltres?

According to Vandal, a popular video game portal, these "Pokemon GO" players devised a strategy to defeat the powerful Moltres, the Legendary bird that was recently enabled by Niantic. The YouTuber known as Boushinshi was the one who uploaded the video in which shows us the way in which he and his partner defeated the legendary Moltres.

Namely, both formed their respective teams with six Golem - one of the Pokemon with greater resistance to the type of attacks of the bird of fire - and all with a level in the high IVs.

Although the two trainers say they were extremely prepared, their video shows that both barely managed to emerge victorious from their confrontation.

They were within a few seconds of failure. Hence, this makes them even more proud of their great Legendary Pokemon hunt.

What are Lugia's best moves for combat?

It's only been two weeks since the Legendary Pokemon began to hit "Pokemon Go." Lugia was the first to make his appearance despite the uncomfortable moments experienced at the "Pokemon Go Fest" held in Chicago.

Despite this, the trainers have been able to capture this creature in Level 5 raids, also called, Legendary Raids.

Lugia is a psychic/flying type introduced in the second generation of Pokemon video games. It is known as "The Keeper of the Seas" or "The Mystery of the Swirling Islands." It has a large size and is one of the strongest Pokemon that currently exist in "Pokemon Go."

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.