The legendary avians in "Pokemon GO" are about to fly away, and there is no indication that they will be back anytime soon. However, news just came in that they will be replaced by their legendary canine counterparts that will definitely start the hype train chugging yet again.

The Legendaries from the Johto region

Game developer Niantic has just posted another update over on "Pokemon's GO's" website announcing the arrival of the legendary K-9s – Raiku, Entei, and Suicune. It is said that these four-legged legends will be spawning today, August 31 until the 30th of September.

These dogs are all set to travel the world as the developer listed their itinerary on which region they can be spotted by trainers. Per the post, Entei will first appear both in Africa and Europe. Suicune will be spawning within the Asia-Pacific region, while Raikou can be battled by trainers from the Americas. It was also mentioned that these monsters would be switching regions come September 30 to see to it that trainers from all over have the opportunity to catch these new set of legendaries.

Their Kryptonites here

Just like their winged equivalents, these new legendaries have corresponding raid boss counters. Raikou – an electric type Pokemon – is weak when it is pitted against ground type Pokemon.

Golem, Tyrannitar, and Rhydon are the best counters to chip off some life points from this new legendary. Entei, on the other hand, boasts an insane amount of stamina and attack stats making it a tough nut to crack. However, it can be shaken by ground, rock, and water type Pokemon which include Golem, Omastar, and Vaporeon.

Lastly, Suicune is said to be the best water type monster to date in the game. That being said, both electric and grass type Pokemon like Jolteon, Exeggutor, and Venusaur are the top choices to stagger this legendary.

The EX Raids

Meanwhile, Niantic also mentioned on the same post that they would be conducting a test run for a revamped version of the Exclusive Raid Battle dubbed as The Ex Raid Battle.

The developer further explained that they'd be gathering feedback from its player base before releasing the new game mode.

They also stated that they would be gradually adjusting some of EX Raid Battle's elements such as duration, frequency, time, location, and even eligibility requirements. Passes for the EX Raids will soon be released, and those who'll be getting these will be the first ones to try it out this September 6. Check out a video about "Pokemon GO" here: