More exciting surprises are in store for players of the popular augmented reality game. Niantic Labs will add three more Traveling Legendary pocket monsters in “Pokemon Go.” Players will get the chance to catch these new monsters starting today.

Traveling Legendaries

Starting today, three more Legendary pocket monsters will be available in “Pokemon Go.” Niantic Labs announced that Entei, Raikou, and Suicine will be available in the game starting August 31. These creatures will be offered across all regions and will travel the world for the next three months.

These legendary creatures were first introduced in the “Gold” and “Silver” installments of the franchise. They are popular as creatures constantly wandering in the Johto region. This particular characteristic of these monsters forces players to run after them from one location to another.


Each of the three traveling Legendaries will be region-exclusive for a month. This is to maintain the spirit of their first appearances. One traveling Legendary will be assigned as a region-exclusive monster to North and South America. Another one will be assigned to Europe and Africa and another one in Australia and Asia. At the end of the month, the Legendary monsters will be rotated to a new region to give other players the chance to catch the new traveling legendaries.


Among the traveling Legendary that players will encounter in the game is Raikou. The creature is the most powerful Electric-Type monster in the popular augmented reality game. Raikou will be released first in North and South America on August 31. As one of the well-rounded creatures in the competition, it has high Attack strength and strong Stamina and Defense Stats.

To counter Raikou, players must have Ground-Type monsters. Among the best counters are Donphan, Rhydon, and Golem. As secondary counters, players could use Nidoking, Exeggutor, and Dragonite. This Travelling Legendary is scheduled to make its second and third rotations to new locations on September 30 and October 31 respectively.


Another Travelling Legendary that players will encounter starting today is Suicine. The monster is also known as the star of “Pokemon Crystal.” It is available starting today in Asia and Australia and will rotate to a new location by the end of September 30. As a Water-type monster, it is weak when facing Grass-type and Electric-type attacks. Suicine is the weakest among the three traveling Legendaries and could be easily beaten.


Joining Raikou and Suicine is Entei, which is the star of the franchise's movie. The creature will be available in Europe and Africa starting August 31. As the second strongest Fire-type monster in “Pokemon Go,” players can use the same creatures to beat Moltres when facing Entei. Despite being one of the strongest, this creature has a mediocre stats and defeating the monster will not be that difficult.