Pixel Perfex announced their upcoming game "Earth Atlantis" for the Nintendo Switch console. The game features a unique side-scrolling Shooter Game in a sketch-like presentation. For those who love doodling on papers with random art, this game is for them. In addition, the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions are planned.

Players will venture in the deep-abyss filled with mysteries and wonders. Along with these important elements, they will also Experience the whimsical world the game will bring them. Here is the trailer below via Nintendo in YouTube:

Two modes

In this side-scrolling game, there are two modes available.

These are "Quest Mode" and "Hunter Mode." The first mode mentioned is the standard mode that unlocks stages as players progress while the latter has specific objectives that players must meet. There are 25 monster bosses in general and these monsters are unique among the rest. They shoot more, have bigger health, and have more agility or movement speed.

However, player must not be troubled because they can use four ships with different characteristics and weapons. These ships fit various players' play styles, which adds variety and choices in the game. Earth Atlantis also featured the post-disastrous event called the "The Great Climate Shift," which caused the Earth to be submerged mostly in water.

Thus, the trailer above presents some structures, buildings, and landmarks that were affected by it. Though fans may wonder how the title came to be, the title is the overall symbol of the gameplay and story.

Not only monsters

The monster-hunting objectives will keep players occupied as they progress. However, players will not only hunt and shoot monsters in this game but also hunt down 4 enemy ships with 9 special events to complete, according to the creators and developers.

The game is presented in an "old sketch" style, presenting the game in another dimension for fans to enjoy. Moreover, each are is different from the other and players must use their observational skills to traverse the areas well, especially during boss monster fights.

Earth Atlantis will be released on the Nintendo Switch console this fall while the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions are planned. Together with this title, other unique games are coming to Nintendo Switch as well. The waiting game starts as fans wait for developers to announce the specific release date.