The ongoing "Pokemon GO" event in Yokohama, Japan has been quite a success as of late as these little creatures have been spawning left and right - especially Pikachu. The player Base also noticed a sudden boost of shiny Pokemon spawns not to mention the deluge of Unowns. The biggest news came in today as Mewtwo was officially introduced in the widely played AR title.

Mewtwo finally enters the fray

The Redditor that goes by the moniker Unubore took it to "Pokemon GO's" The Silph Road subreddit to have it made known by the fandom. However, just like what happened in Chicago, the scheduled live stream that was supposed to herald Mewtwo's arrival did not go as planned due to connectivity issues.

YouTube vloggers MYSTIC7 and Nick from Trainer Tips took part in the event. MYSTIC7 came in late on the event venue, though he got all hyped when Mewtwo was finally introduced.

Right Pokemon for the job

Defeating the new legendary, on the other hand, was a different story. Houndoom is probably the right monster to chip off some life points out of Mewtwo. Additionally, its dark move set can serve as the best counter for the Legendary's powerful Focus Blast. Gyarados' Bite and Crunch attack can also do damage just like what MYSTIC7 did on his recent vlog.

Tyranitar, Gengar, and Alakazam are also pretty decent picks in fighting Mewtwo with their dark move sets. If the aforementioned Pokemon are not available, trainers might want to settle for Scizor or a Pinsir with their bug move sets.

Shiny Mewtwo down the pipeline

Meanwhile, it may well seem that the psychic type Pokemon species might be getting its shiny version. Another Redditor by the name of Chrales also posted on The Silph Road subreddit to reveal his find. Per the post, the Mewtwo shiny sprite boasts green accents instead of the usual purple. That being said, players were given the impression that a shiny Mewtwo might show up during the "Pokemon GO" Stadium event.

However, at the time of writing, the green-colored version of Mewtwo was not spotted.

Prior to the recent reveal, other data miners noticed that Mewtwo's base stats were nerfed on "Pokemon GO's" game master files. It was discovered that a nine percent reduction was made where its base stamina, base attack, and base defense are now at 193, 300, and 182 respectively. For the uninitiated, its base stats before it got nerfed were at 212, 330, and 200. Check out a video of the event here: