From time to time, “Pokemon GO” experiences various issues. This could be related to connectivity or being unable to log-in. But perhaps the most common ones are crashes.

According to Comic Book, some “Pokemon GO” players are now experiencing crashes either during or after a Legendary raid. Obviously, this is a huge disappointment, as it completely affects the overall gameplay experience. Interestingly, Niantic offered some steps on how to deal with these issues.

How to manage crashes

There are instances in which the game crashes after a Legendary raid happens.

This could also happen during the activity, which can be troublesome. According to the studio, whenever this happens, players should not re-enter the game right away. As much as possible, they must completely exit the app, clear its cache and restart. If the crash happens during a raid and it finishes even before players can re-enter, they must first click on the Gym. There should be a pause (only a matter of seconds) on the Raid boss details screen. Afterward, players will be redirected to the encounter screen that they were before.

The instructions mentioned above were reportedly posted by a “Pokemon GO” player on Reddit. He mentioned about getting kicked out of them when he was still on a raid.

Unfortunately for him, this happened to him on ten occasions. He claimed to have received the instructions from Niantic via email. The studio also warned him never to enter the Raid Battle, as it would push him out of his original Raid Group. Although the guide was quite easy to follow, the game still needs some serious fixing from its developers.

Frequent crashing

Ever since the Legendary creatures were released, “Pokemon GO” has been experiencing all sorts of issues. But as mentioned, crashing has been the most prominent. Fortunately for Niantic, this issue tends to appear on Raid Battles only. Therefore, it is an isolated case, which should make the fixing a lot easier.

Since crashes happen, players are robbed of the opportunity to acquire rewards. Heck, they will not even have the chance to capture a Legendary beast. Niantic already explained the causes of the issue, including unexpected network errors in the middle of a raid. There is also a bug that causes multiple options to be utilized successively.

The studio already iterated that crashes and all other issues in “Pokemon GO” are being fixed. Although they cannot give out a certain timeline, the fixes should arrive early. After all, they are releasing Legendary pocket monsters and they surely not want to interrupt this special moment for players.