tequila Works' "Rime" is the latest game title that arrived on the Nintendo Switch platform. According to the most recent update, the acclaimed platformer, which arrived on the PS4, PC and Xbox One on May, is finally coming to the Switch this November. In particular, the game is scheduled to arrive in North America on November 14 and in Europe on November 17, 2017. Following the success of the game, it also received an excellent review for drawing emotions as players progress in the game.

'Rime' news, release date, and updated price

According to the AotF, "Rime" will be available in both physical and digital copies, giving an extra special edition to the digital copy that features a code that gives players access to David Garcia Diaz's original soundtrack.

For those who are interested in buying the game, the digital copy costs $30, whereas the physical copy can be bought at $39.99 including the digital copy of the sound track.

Meanwhile, a previous report by the Gamespot revealed a controversy on the game's price when publisher Grey Box initially priced the game at $10 higher than its original price for the Nintendo Switch; fans were not amused. The backlash that ensued prodded the publisher to reverse its pricing on the digital copy. Unfortunately for the physical copy, it remains at $40, but with the inclusion of the soundtrack.

What is Tequila Works' 'Rime' game about?

The story concept of "Rime" is about a young boy who is shipwrecked and stranded on a remote island.

Not knowing how and when he made it to the island or the backstory of his presence on the island, the game challenges the player in different puzzle adventures that will eventually lead to freedom. While the gameplay seems vague, the occasional buttons that tell you what to do next or the guiding fox that tells you the next challenge puts you in a playing mood.

The ending of "Rime" remains a secret and not even the best reviews online will reveal the apparent fate of the young character. Nevertheless, some hints about the games' quests include the proper use of lighting, the manipulation of time as well as the young character's voice.

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