Niantic has finally introduced the newest feature in “Pokemon GO” called Raid Battles. This brings a new element to the game, which players believe to have become boring. Also, the feature introduces a genuine multiplayer function, as players get together to fight extremely powerful beasts.

Raid battles allow trainers to work alongside other trainers in fighting monster bosses in “Pokemon GO.” As long as they are successful, they are entitled to great in-game rewards. So far, the reception has been quite impressive, with critics praising the studio for the job well done.

How the feature works

Basically, the idea behind the new feature is to let players work as a group and fight raid bosses. However, in order to participate, they have to obtain a raid pass first. They are given at least one raid pass in every 24 hours through spinning the PhotoDisc, but they can also opt to buy it in the in-game shop. Once done, they simply have to go to the gym and tap on the egg located in the lower left.

Niantic placed an indicator that allows “Pokemon GO” players to determine the difficulty of the raid, with four being the maximum. One, in particular, can be solo-raid by a player who is high level. They should see other players nearby, as these will be the very people they are going to fight alongside.

The boss will eventually appear, signaling the start of the battle.

Options players have

Interestingly, players have the option to either create a private group or allow the Raid Battle system to matchmake them accordingly in “Pokemon GO.” Once they are in, they will notice a series of three Pokemon coins in the upper right corner.

This is basically an indication that new players can join the raid and help them.

There is no definite answer as to how many players are allowed in a raid, but some suggest it is around 20. Each raid only has five minutes, and within this period, players will have to make sure they defeat the boss. Otherwise, they will not obtain the in-game rewards it offers.

Previously, the level requirement players need to achieve in order to participate in “Pokemon GO” raids is 35 or higher. Niantic eventually changed it to 25 following the complaints they received from the community. Among the rewards, the feature offers are Golden Razzberries, Technical Machines, and Special Candies. The studio is said to add new rewards in the long run. Players should also expect a couple of changes later on, as the feature is still a work in progress.