Recently, Niantic announced that the gyms have returned to “Pokemon GO.” This time around, though, they have been improved with new features. Apparently, they are still a work in progress, especially when you consider the fact system was just revamped.

Following the re-release of “Pokemon GO” gyms, fans were quick to review all the new features the studio promised. Unfortunately, they noticed that the gyms still have issues. The good thing, though, is that the company promised to keep an eye on everything involving the newly remodeled feature.

Acquiring in-game currency has decreased

Some Players of the hit mobile game noticed that unlike before, they are earning far less the amount of in-game currency that they should have. PokeCoins' rate appears to have decreased, though it remains a mystery if whether or not Niantic did it on purpose. But if the studio wanted to boost the gameplay experience of players in gyms, then it should be the other way around.

In the previous “Pokemon GO” gym system, players were able to earn at least 10 PokeCoins after defending. The game automatically gave such reward, but this time, it appears to have been removed. The moment the update arrived, players’ chances of obtaining coins became an hourly basis.

This is not to mention the fact that pocket monsters only have an hour to stay in a gym. What’s even worse is that a creature must be defeated right away in order for trainers to see their in-game money. This only opened to a new exploit where high-level Pokemon can be used to horde coins. This is completely ironic given Niantic’s goals of removing exploits.

Joining Raid battles

Niantic also introduced the highly anticipated Raid battles in “Pokemon GO.” In its most organic form, players here will team up with other players to defeat the so-called Raid bosses. Once they do, they will be able to earn in-game rewards and/or bonuses. The only catch, however, is that they need to be at least level 35 or above in order to participate in raids.

Obviously, this was not well-accepted by low level players. They believe that doing so will not promote balance, resulting to an uneven gameplay experience. In addition, the items players obtain from defeating Raid bosses are not even that rewarding. Some suggest that these items can actually be obtained in other forms such as visiting PokeStops or using the game’s official in-game shop.

The studio already iterated that everything that is happening in “Pokemon GO” are subject to change. The requirement level for joining raids, in particular, is said to be temporary. The company is set to review the system and put some necessary adjustments. As to when these will be implemented, they remain a mystery.