Thanks to Raid Battles, players now have a whole new reason to play “Pokemon GO.” This feature, in one way or another, has given the mobile game a genuine multiplayer function. Here, players team-up in order to defeat raid bosses, but the road to winning is not an easy one.

According to Business Insider, the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” feature is a collaborative battle between players and raid bosses. Basically, there are four tier levels, each representing a different type of bosses. The higher the level is, the stronger the boss is. Well, below are some effective tips to acquire a win.

Know your Pokemon

Raids let players team up with other players to fight raid bosses using their Pokemon. The bosses, in particular, have impressive CP stats, making them difficult to defeat. Now, the idea here is to come up with a Pokemon that does not only have likable CP stats but should also fit well to the Pokemon of other members.

This is where “Pokemon GOplayers must work together to win raids. They should first discuss their strategies and determine which pocket monsters to use. Since they all want to go home with the rewards, therefore, they must plan and work together.

A two-minute window

Interestingly, there is a way for “Pokemon GO” players to strategize their attacks before a raid even starts.

Basically, Niantic added a two-minute phase, which lets players prepare everything before the raid starts. This is where they can configure their team, pick the right pocket monsters to fight, and strategize whatever they intend to do.

The only catch, however, is that some “Pokemon GO” players tend to initiate the fight before everyone else can join or participate.

Here, it is always best for players to have their creatures categorized as favorites, an option that can be done in-game. This way, even when a raid has already started, they can just join right away without going through the process of building the lineup.

Live to fight another day

While some players are successful with their raids, other “Pokemon GO” players are just unfortunate.

There is no need to be discouraged, though. They can always participate the next day and fight. Remember: raids take place every single day, though players are only allowed to participate once. However, if they have raid passes, they may still join other raids.

The key here is to learn from the experience in every “Pokemon GO” raid. Players do not necessarily have to be good at it. They just need to learn from their mistakes in the previous battles.