Niantic has kept most “Pokemon Go” players on their feet with the anticipated coming of rare pocket monsters. At least two are expected to come out – Kangaskhan and Unown.

These are critters that are hard to find. Curiously, Kangaskhan is a region-exclusive Pokemon for Australia while Unown is someone truly hard to find. The latter was recently added to the “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 update so that rare tag may change moving forward.

Europe getting the first crack

While most augmented reality players try to figure out when they would get their chance at the rares, Europe seems to be getting the jump on most.

Apparently, the country is getting the region-exclusive spawn, something that will go down in 46 different across 15 countries.

All this starts on Aug. 21 which means “Pokemon Go” players in the said regions will get first crack and the chance to capture Kangaskhan and Unown. Will other countries be following?

The answer to that remains to be seen, but players are reminded that snagging these rares won’t come easy. Kangaskhan will need proper timing and patience to catch while Unown will be hard to spot.

Of the two, Unown may be seen more though there will be 26 different forms to capture. Aside from that, a special medal which shows the total number a trainer has caught would be needed before reaching the gold level for all Pokemon of this type.

A look at the Pokedex of a player shows only one slot meaning the 26 alphabet letters within the Pokedex will need to be unlocked. As the game itself goes, this means a player will have to be on the prowl to unlock each form religiously.

Tough grind ahead

At least for the folks over in Europe, this means that lots of “Pokemon Go” players will need to get a move on.

Catching one may be nice, but it is scratching the surface. Especially for the ones who are still deeply tied to the game, catching as much rares as they can be a stressful task with most needing to get a move on with the limited time offer.

Despite the fact that the game continues to show hiccups, there are some still in hot pursuit of the pocket monsters and leveling up.

The changes have left varying opinions with Niantic trying to maintain the hype for the hit augmented reality game.

Rares are still the top priority for most, and folks in Europe get that chance. It remains to be seen if such will apply to other countries of the globe, even more reason for Niantic to also get a move on when it comes to development and appease wary mobile gamers who have remained loyal to the game.