Ever since Kyrie Irving requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, a number of comments from fans and NBA players have never stopped. All of them just want to offer their two cents, so to speak. After all, what the All-Star point guard did was quite surprising.

Now, as reported by the Bleacher Report, John Wall came to offer his own views about the Kyrie Irving trade show. He cannot deny, that he was taken aback by the decision of LeBron James’ soon to be former teammate. Here is everything this report in a nutshell.

Wall on his views towards Irving’s departure.

The Washington Wizards superstar admitted that he was surprised by Irving’s decision to leave the Cavaliers. “That was crazy to me. I didn’t know that was happening at all,” Wall commented. He said that while he can understand the entire situation, things will still end up bad for the Cavaliers. Interestingly, Wall admitted that if he was to experience three straight NBA finals appearance, he would want to “stay.” However, he also said that one cannot exactly say the kind of relationship and/or details the organization has behind the scenes.

John Wall agrees that no one has concrete knowledge about the exact situation in Cleveland. But he admitted that Kyrie Irving, in one way or another, really desires to be one of the main guys in the league.

In a report from ESPN, it was revealed that Irving planned to be in a team in which he would be the focal point. He also wanted to stop playing second fiddle to LeBron James, who is basically Cleveland’s main guy or superstar.

Wall on playing alongside James

John Wall further commented on the possibilities of playing alongside an NBA superstar like LeBron James.

In an interview with CSN Mid-Atlantic, he said that playing with James is a totally “different situation.” For him, every player playing alongside James is nothing but second. Wall admitted that it is really tough to be in this kind of relationship. After all, all the young players in the league want to make a name for themselves.

“It’s kind of tough when you’re always in the shadow of somebody else,” Wall explained. He went to say that this was the main reason Irving got tired.

It cannot be denied that both Kyrie Irving and James brought the Cleveland Cavaliers to three consecutive NBA finals. They both helped the team in any way they could. In fact, Irving was the one who put in the final dagger during their championship run in the 2016 NBA finals. But regardless, he is still considered to be James’ Robin Hood.