With Pokemon Go now live after overhauling Pokemon Go gyms and introducing a new feature in Raid Battles, the focus is once again on new pocket monsters possibly coming out soon. While most continue to hunt down the 80 Pokemon from the Johto region, another shiny creature could be coming out soon.

Some users have gotten that impression, expecting one to come out at the Acm Siggraph computer graphics conference happening at the end of July. The word out right now is that it could be a shiny Pikachu variant, following the footsteps of the Party-hat and Santa-hat rares that came out several months ago.

Compared to the Shiny Magikarp, a Pikachu class obviously stands out.

Will rare translate to shiny?

In the email sent to Reddit user legoturtle92, it was mentioned that a rare Pikachu would be released. Rare could mean a lot of things but some have already toyed with the notion that it would be a shiny class. Whatever that rare Pokemon may be, the only thing sure right now is that it will be released during the event. Will it be made available to the public? All that remains to be seen.

Assuming that the Shiny Pikachu is, in fact, the one coming out, it will be the third in the shiny class of Pokemon. Magikarp and Gyarados already came out earlier this year. Pikachu is a critter that originates from a new class.

There is no official word on evolution so it may be safe to expect it will follow the traditional route.

Rare and/or Shiny?

Pokemon Go players are more likely to want one for their collection. Some may not mind the evolution stage since there are a lot of more powerful critters they can invest in. Will it factor in once Pokemon Trading comes around?

That feature has yet to come out and last year, the Party-hat and Santa-hat Pikachu were being preserved for possible trades once the trading feature comes into play. The shiny variant could very well factor in as well, meaning most will try to collect as much as they can and use that once dealing is allowed.

The stats that a shiny Pikachu would carry will also be something interesting.

Will it stand out? How will it perform in battles? Most know that it can evolve in Flareon or Vaporeon so the CP or HP will be monitored by hardcore players.

Before getting ahead, it would be best to wait and see if the rare Pikachu is indeed the shiny class most are raving about. It could be more than that since branding something rare will normally stand out above the rest.