Pokemon Go’s” Water Festival event is over and the word out is that there were about 586 million “Magikarps” caught. Niantic wrapped up the event recently with augmented reality gamers enticed to log in to try and catch the water-type pocket monsters.

Water Festival spurs some interest

“Pokemon Go” spiced things a bit with the Water-type pocket monster focus. However, the shiny pocket monsters are to be credited as well. Though the only shiny variations were “Magikarp” and “Gyarados,” the fact remains that they were rare creatures that most wanted to add to their PokeDex.

Overall, the Water Festival was an obvious success. Niantic may have gotten some tips from the themed event and likely plan something similar moving ahead. The game saw most gamers return and join the quest for these special Pokemon breeds, a similar thing that could happen in future events.

Easter Event happening?

Major Pokemon Go updates are in the works though there is no schedule on when the next one would occur. Easter is coming up and some believe that Niantic will be rendering something for the occasion.

For “Pokemon Go,” Niantic could do something special with the kilometer eggs. A logical take would be to see some rarely designed eggs dropping from PokeStops when a player goes through the traditional spin to collect goodies.

If this is the plan, players may have to make room by hatching existing eggs and making room. Take note that this could only be one possibility since Niantic makes it a point to hold something special at select events.

If not the kilometer eggs, Niantic could offer some new critter for a limited time. Most saw the Santa Hat and Party Hat Pikachu from past months so something similar could be happening.

The creature easily associated is the Easter bunny so emphasis could be on a Pokemon that comes close to it.

Regardless of what they have planned, Niantic knows events have worked well for them. They were able to give “Magikarp” some meaning by focusing on the monsters best for Pokemon battles. Could another shunned pocket monster be reinvented in the game’s next big event? Let us wait and see!