There have been plenty of changes made by Niantic for “Pokemon Go” and there are apparently more needed. The game remains unstable but the good news is that game developers continue to work on improvements for augmented reality players.

Most “Pokemon Go” players are aware that leveling up would require Stardust, the in-game currency for the hit mobile gaming app. Normally, this would be collected by performing certain tasks. It is a valuable resource that is hard to come by and some have voiced out their complaints. Should Niantic make the necessary tweaks?

The Stardust problem

The easy way to deal with this issue is to increase the amount of Stardust rewards to players. But would this be a wise move for the economy of the AR game?

There are some players who feel that while doing so would make it easy, it could have repercussions. That could include gamers opting to pass up the game, seeing how easy it would be to level up and get rewards. Several games have tried to go down that route and apparently most are no longer in existence.

For “Pokemon Go”, it may be a hard decision to tackle. Balance is still needed and nothing beats reaping rewards that one really works for. The goal right now is to find a win-win solution, a medium where Stardust can be collected at the right time and the right amount.

Right now, that decision is left up to Niantic.

Balance of currency and power

There are some players who have ridiculously high trainer levels, something that may have been achieved via cheating or fair play. While most would decry the former, the fact is that pinning down all that falls on the shoulders of Niantic.

So far, there have been improvements ranging from new pocket monsters and goodies.

There are items hard to come by, where the only way to get them is by playing the game by getting from one place to another or through special events. That would include dealing with rare Pokemon, a lot of which are reportedly coming out in the future.

As far as Stardust collection is concerned, it all depends on how economical one would be when it comes to powering up their Pokemon.

A player’s Pokedex is filled with critters who deserve increase CP or HP but the secret may be in which pocket monster truly deserves the bump.

Seeing a Pokemon with potential based on the anarchy is not enough. The best way is to analyze critters with the game appraisers. While most find it a waste of time, it could be a sensible way to see where one uses Stardust. This way, the in-game currency is spent the right and efficient way for better Pokemon against impending challenges.