There has been so much anticipation from the “Overwatch” players, as they all wanted to re-experience Summer Games. Finally though, it is here and Blizzard is introducing it with tons of exciting stuff. From the new set of skins to other cosmetic items, this event is definitely the best by far.

As promised and teased, the studio introduces new “Overwatch” skins, all of which are developed specifically for the event. The characters really look dashing and, well, hot. Here is everything about the current event in a nutshell.

All about the Summer Games event

Without a doubt, the cosmetics are the main highlight of this year’s event. The set includes skins for Widowmaker, McCree, Soldier: 76, Reaper and Junkrat, among others. But unlike before, the new skins are far from being Olympic-centric. They are more about encouraging people to go to the beach and get wet. There are cargo shorts, sandals (but with socks?), and a Hawaiian shirt. Not to mention the fact that one of the heroes wears a beach hat, which is just perfect for the time of the year. More importantly, one of them is wearing a swimsuit.

Talking about the Summer Games event skins, they are not for free in “Overwatch.” For instance, the Legendary skins can be bought for 3,000 credits.

The Epic and Rare are being sold at 750 and 225 credits, respectively. The common tier is only 75 credits, though. As promised by Blizzard, the cosmetic items from last year’s Summer Games will be discounted. The Legendary skins sit at 1,000 credits. Epic and Rare are offered at 250 and 75 credits, respectively. Lastly, the Common skins are purchasable for only 25 credits.

This is perhaps the most interesting event in the game so far. To check the exciting skins for this year’s Summer Games, check out the official trailer embedded below.

Lucioball, emotes and others

Like last year, Summer Games 2017 also brings a cool set of emotes and sprays. They are all themed for the event. But perhaps the most interesting one is Ana’s.

She can be seen playing a beach volleyball. As for the sprays, Blizzard introduced a total of eight. Moreover, there are new victory poses, though they are somewhat similar from last year. Characters can be seen holding medals. It is worth noting that only seven heroes in the game have this type of victory pose. These are Mercy, Sombra, Tracer, Symmetra, Hanzo, Bastion, and Junkrat. Furthermore, there are two new highlight intros. The first one is where Pharah performs a dunk while the second one features Hanzo practicing with his bow and arrow.

Lastly, the Summer Games event in “Overwatch” arrives with a new version of Lucioball. Unlike before, it has a Competitive version in which players can earn Competitive points.

In fact, five of the eight new sprays can only be acquired via the said version of the Arcade mode. Blizzard also made some noticeable changes to Lucio’s ultimate. Instead of booping players away from the goal, his ultimate now buffs him. His speed and strength increase as soon as the ultimate is deployed.