With the official release date of “Destiny 2” fast approaching, Bungie released a new trailer about Crucible. The recently unleashed trailer is about the first person shooter game’s new competitive multiplayer that will get your blood propelling. Interestingly, there are also New Gears shown that will really get players excited.

New gears, weapons, and maps

Bungie showcased the game's PvP gameplay through its trailer. Noticeably, there are also new gears shown, which caught the attention of those who have watched the video. Among the noticeably shiny weapons include a launcher.

There is also an Arc Shotgun with creative aesthetics. Aside from those, there are also a plethora of new armor sets for all the classes in the upcoming game.

It appears that the weapons and armor sets are those that players have never seen before in the previous game. Apart from the gears and weapons, there are also new maps. Some fans claim that there is a possibility that the Supremacy Game Mode is making a comeback in the second game installment.

Latest trailer

More than anything, the latest trailer introduced in a different approach the three classes in the game. These are the Warlocks, the Titans, and the Hunters. The trailer is a direct 4vs4 action riddled with bullets with unbelievable pacing.

It is a series of cutscenes, which ranges from first to third person perspectives. Moreover, the trailer underlined each individual class that players will encounter in “Destiny 2.” Each of this class’ strengths and abilities were highlighted. There are also several instances where the difference of each class was emphasized.

It appears are keeping true to their previous promise that they will improve the multiplayer experience of the players from its original installment. In every game, the PvP multiplayer is the developer’s way to change the pace of the game. Somehow, it sets variety from the raids and mission that forms part of the entire game.

Release date and other details

Aside from the latest trailer, Bungie has also given players of the original game to migrate their Clans to the upcoming game. Guardians can also be moved forward to the second game installment. However, when it is already migrated, players can no longer customize it.

Destiny 2” will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6. PC users will get the action pumping starting October 24. You can check out the trailer below.