Nintendo has seen a boost in revenue ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch has been performing considerably better than its predecessor, the Wii U. Unfortunately, they could be due to some controversy as Gamevice, a gaming accessory manufacturer, believe that the Switch's handheld tablet and Joypads are too close to their peripherals available for purchase.

Gamevice are suing for damages while arguing that the concept of the Nintendo's new concept is a copy of their own Wikipad.

Comparing the Wikipad to the Switch

The Wikipad is also a tablet that allows a gaming controller to be attached to it, just like the Switch allows for the joypads to be attached to its handheld screen.

The tablet itself is hardly a novel concept, and Gamevice hardly has a foot to stand on if they are suggesting that they came up with the concept of gaming on a tablet.

They might have more of a case when it comes to the Joypads and their gaming peripheral, as they do share quite a bit of feature. Gamevice's controllers can be plugged into an android or apple device to turn the tablet into a gaming console. There is not much more to say, but the basic concept is identical to the Switch. The peripherals are plugged to the left and right side of the tablet, creating a sort of PSP/Android hybrid.

It should be noted that the Joypads are designed to allow for two player gaming while on the go, something that Gamevice's product does not.

Although they both are attached the same way to the tablet or screen, their overall function is not identical. Portable gaming is hardly a novel concept, and the basic appearance of the handheld Switch is reminiscent of older Nintendo and Sony consoles. The only part of the setup that is novel is that it is detachable.

What is Gamevice after?

The short answer is a lot. Gamevice is not only seeking damages but to have all of Nintendo's Switch consoles pulled from the market. This is a pretty high price to demand and one that is unlikely to be taken too seriously in court. Afterall, they are facing one of the biggest companies in the world, and although there are some basic similarities between the two products, at the end they do not offer the same experience and are designed for completely different platforms, so the Switch is not even a competitor for Gamevice's peripheral.

Since the launch of their new console, Nintendo has reported a positive return, and it has continued to sell well.