"Pokemon Go" celebrated its first birthday a few weeks ago. But even after a year of existence, the game is still full of bugs and glitches. Sure, it succeeded to bring the most anticipated feature of the original Pokemon games. The raid battles are enough to make player's attention to "Pokemon Go" to come back. But the legendary Raid battle glitches are also enough to make the players give up after getting a taste of the Raid Battles. Here are the glitches that the players are encountering in the game.

The last ball will not work

You can't get the last laugh here in this game, not when you know that your last Premier ball will not work properly.

When you defeat the boss Pokemon, or rather, IF you defeat the Boss Pokemon, you'll automatically receive five Premier Balls. You can get a total of13 premier ball at the most if you add other rewards based on your performance. But because of the "last ball" bug, they only have a functional 12 left. And if the member did not perform very well, he will only have four tries to catch the Pokemon.

The number of the available Premier balls is very important. The more Premier Balls you have, the higher chance you have of catching the Pokemon. The odds that you will be successful in catching the legendary Pokemon is three percent. If you got a Golden Razz Berry and curve ball hit the legendary, you can get a chance as high as 19 percent.

The curveball is not working

Another neat feature that players needed is the Curve Ball. It raises the chance of catching a Pokemon, but for some reason, this feature does not work. To know if the Curve Ball is in effect, there would be a star animation that will appear when the ball flies in a curved arc. But even though the star animation is present, the effect seems to be not in effect.

Because of this, players who try to catch a legendary Pokemon doesn't have a chance to raise the odds to catch.

Sometimes there's a bonus, sometimes there isn't

When your group controls the gym, you should have two extra balls as a bonus. But this automatic bonus seems to glitch up. Sometimes, the bonus was given, and sometimes, the bonus does not appear.

This is a bad glitch, as it lessens the chance to catch the legendary Pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon have attacks that can melt even the toughest Pokemon. In Legendary Raids, even if you dodged, you still get the full damage. This diminishes the chance of players to even throw Premier balls to the legendary Pokemon.

Possible compensation?

Niantic should compensate its players for its buggy system. Raid passes consume real money. Niantic can refund the players affected by these glitches, or at least give them discounts in their next Raid pass purchase.