It has finally arrived people! The "Overwatch" Summer Games 2017 has officially kicked off and fans are now in a frenzy to try the new content. With the overwhelming reception from its player base, it looks like the game's servers got pretty crowded causing it to crash on some fans.

Thousands of players ahead of you

At the time of writing, "Overwatch" players who want to try the game's new event including the revamped Lucioball have to wait in queue for them to check on the new content. Most of them - especially those who have tens of thousands (you read that right) of other players ahead of them – just gave up out of frustration.

In line with this, Blizzard's Customer Support took it to Twitter to advise "Overwatch" players that they are currently working on the so-called "login queue," though no specific time was given on when the issue would be fixed. However, they've assured fans that they will be giving an update once the issue is straightened out. The said access lag has been affecting all game platforms as of late, though it was discovered that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles were hit the hardest.

New skins

Meanwhile, this year's "Overwatch" Summer Games has brought in new skins for its heroes.

Most fans (the male ones to be specific) dig Widowmaker's swimsuit that is totally lit. Also, the healer hero Mercy looks great with her new Greek goddess-like skin not to mention the sick moves that she did on the new sizzler reel while playing some hoops. Prior to such, Mercy's new outfit was one of the first contents in the new event to have been leaked to the fandom.

Other "Overwatch" heroes - McCree and Soldier 76 - also sport equally badass costumes where the former got a lifeguard attire while the latter is a "seasoned" grill master. Doomfist's summer suit, on the other hand, was not featured on the new teaser trailer though a so-called "Shot Put Doomfist" spray was already spotted.

It can also be observed that prices of the new "Overwatch" skins got way steeper than before.

Common and Rare tier cosmetic items now cost 75 and 225 credits respectively. Moreover, the Epic skins went up from last year's 250 credits to 750 credits. Lastly, Legendary skins that were priced at 1,000 credits during the first Summer Games are now triple the price that will definitely make players grind within the game.

The "Overwatch" Summer Games will be up until the August 29 so keep trying to get in.