In MOBA games like “Overwatch,” a team comp needs a decent support hero. It is just basic and it needs to be done. Otherwise, the other heroes might have a hard time in the battlefield.

This is where the likes of Ana become a valuable character in “Overwatch.” Her skill kit is enough to provide the healing that the team needs. So how can become an effective Ana in the game? Well, check out some of the tips below.

Position yourself effectively

Most players fail to recognize the importance of positioning in the game. They simply do not understand the logic behind it.

You see, Ana is the kind of character that needs to be positioned at the right place to become more effective. There is no need to worry about the reach, though. Why? Because she has the scope to cover that.

So, as much as possible, find a location that can enable you to provide healing for your team in “Overwatch.” This should give you the room to provide support without getting eliminated. Remember: the opponents will try their best to fend high-valued characters like Ana.

Focus more on healing than getting kills

Sometimes, players are so caught up with the combat experience in “Overwatch.” As a result, they tend to forget their main role. This is especially true with Ana. Her main role is to provide healing, not killing.

She is there to keep her teammates alive and provide the boost they need.

As a player using Ana, it’s important that you concentrate more on providing healing. There is nothing wrong with fending off opponents but always remember your primary role. Otherwise, you could put your entire team at risk.

User Nano Boost correctly

Nano Boost is basically Ana’s ultimate in “Overwatch.” It gives the target added boost such as increased movement speed.

Usually, this is applied to heroes like Genji, Reinhardt, and Winston. But regardless of the target, the accuracy and timing of using the Nano Boos are very important. It has the potential to turn the tide of the clash if used correctly. But, on the other hand, it can also be costly for the team if mistakenly used.

Basically, the key here is to Nano Boost a hero when he/she has the ultimate to support it.

Or at least, other team members can help in advancing. For instance, Genji can be more effective with the Nano Boost if he has the Dragonblade with him. This is also true with Reinhardt and his Earthshatter. If you use the ultimate without considering the said skills, you are just wasting it actually.