Blizzard has made some drastic changes to a few "Overwatch" heroes lately. Just recently. Mercy and D.Va received new skills, and players are eager to try them out as soon as possible. Fortunately, the game developer released these updates to Public Test Realm, giving "Overwatch" players a chance to test the latest changes before they hit live servers.

D.Va's changes include tweaks to her Defense Matrix ability, as well as the new ability which is called Micro Missiles. Blizzard thought that Defense Matrix was too strong, and the latest update will change its uptime.

The ability will not be depleted two times faster and it will definitely affect hero's survivability. However, the game developer is making a few more changes in order to balance this tank hero.

D.Va's new changes are big

There is no doubt that Defense Matrix is one of the most powerful skills in "Overwatch" as it allows D.Va to completely neutralize opposing team's attacks and even ultimate abilities. The game developer considers that the ability lasts for too long, therefore, its resource meter will not deplete twice as quickly.

Reducing D.Va's defensive capabilities will definitely affect her, but at least she will be much more powerful when attacking. Aside from the defensive nerf, Blizzard decided to buff D.Va's attacks and she was also given a new ability.

Now, the hero will be able to fire a barrage of small rockets at her enemies.

In addition to Micro Missiles, D.Va will be able to fire her Fusion Cannons while flying. What makes her even more lethal is the fact that she can now use both Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles at the same time!

These new changes will definitely require D.Va mains to change their approach to the game as the hero is now more vulnerable.

However, the mech-riding tank is now capable of doing much more damage, so watch out!

Micro Missiles details

Micro Missiles will explode on impact and deal damage in a small radius around them. Direct hits will deal much more damage, but enemies will also take damage from her missiles if they are close to them at the moment they explode.

D.Va will shoot 18 missiles when her ability is activated, with 11 of them being fired per second. Each missile will deal eight damage for an explosion and four damage for impact. Micro Missiles' cooldown is eight seconds and the explosion radius is 1.5 meters.

It's important to mention that the missiles have no spread and will be fired at the spot the player was aiming when using the ability. However, they may not hit the same spot since they are fired individually over a short period of time.