Many are debating if whether or not Symmetra is a support or defense hero in “Overwatch.” Although she is placed among the support heroes, most fans think she is among the defense characters. Regardless, it cannot be denied that she is a great utility character.

Symmetra has the skill kit to help the team in defense as well as in offense. However, most players fail to make her an effective hero when it comes to offense. So how can one make her efficient in offense? Well, check out some of the tips below.

Use her Photon Barrier to your advantage

It is true that Symmetra does not have the firepower like Soldier: 76 or even Zenyatta in the support department.

She needs to be in close range to damage her enemies. This is exactly where her Photon Barrier comes in. She can deploy it to work as her shield while trying to get close to a target. If successful, she can either use her Energy Ball or Photon Projector, though the Photon is best in close range

Also, the Photon Barrier can provide Symmetra the space she needs to deploy Turrets. For instance, when trying to advance a choke point, she can use it to protect herself and her allies. While trying to fend off incoming attacks, she can launch Turrets in that area. If she is successful in capturing a point, she may as well as start placing Turrets all over the payload. Again, the key is timing and accuracy when using her Photon Barrier.

Do not group Sentry Turrets together

Sentry Turrets are Symmetra’s main artillery in “Overwatch.” They are the ones that give her the utility power when advancing. If you are trying to capture a point, sometimes, the key to prevent the enemy from defending it is by deploying Sentry Turrets. However, you need to be wise in their placement.

As much as possible, do not group them up together. This will make them easier to target and destroy. A single Helix Rocket from Soldier: 76 or a rocket from Pharah is enough to pin them down. Try to deploy them in huge intervals or big spaces. Give them allowance, but it should be enough to allow them to attack targets as a whole.

Be wise in using her two ultimates

In “Overwatch,” Symmetra has two ultimates, but she can only choose one to deploy. These are Teleporter and Shield Generator. It cannot be denied that both are useful, but their efficiency depends on the kind of situation your team is in but as you are on the advancing side, usually it is best to go with the Shield Generator to give the team defense power.