Bioware knows it has a lot of ground to cover, especially after the dismal launch of "Mass Effect: Andromeda." Players were hoping to get improvements through patches but the game developer has opted to hold off on updates.

With no updates lined up for "Mass Effect: Andromeda", it looks like BioWare has decided to focus on other things. That would include new IPs where they can show off improvements and come up with a better game for the masses.

Temporary setback

The current game version failed to live up to expectations and received negative reviews.

Playing the game was not that stellar as well. Summing it up, BioWare is left with a daunting task to remedy the situation.

Though they never went into detail, the mess that the current version brought may be too much to overcome. Despite the intent of BioWare to come up with a new kind of adventure, there were flaws and performance issues that ambitious goal.

BioWare is not giving up

BioWare is unlikely to give up on the “Mass Effect” series just because the current one has disappointed. Though other titles went down after a disastrous offering, BioWare prides itself with previous installments that made an impact.

Hence, it will be up to the game developers to come up with a new game installment which can clean up the “Mass Effect: Andromeda” mess.

There is no timetable for that right now though BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson vows that he loves the game too much to not want to work on it again via Twitter.

The words of Hudson should be assurance that BioWare has something planned ahead.

Seeing the success it had in the past, it made no sense to see the company give up on the “Mass Effect” series.

With that fate of the game out of the way, the question of what and when is now in the air. It may take time for another “Mass Effect” title to crop up as the developers try to figure out the problems from the current offering.

BioWare may be quietly assessing the issues as they try to make up for a lackluster “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” A new plot could be in the works as well, something different from past scripts that were technically recurring.

The official word out is that BioWare has placed the franchise on hold. This has elicited varying responses from the gaming community. Patches are normally the solution to save games from game issues and rebuild gamer trust. As it stands, opting not to render updates seem to be hinting at a game filled with problems that are beyond repair.