In “Overwatch,” one of the heroes capable of rendering attack useless is none other than D.Va. The mech-riding hero’s Defense Matrix absorbs any incoming attack. It is so powerful than even the deadliest ultimate in the game can be wasted.

Apparently though, it is getting a nerf in “Overwatch” soon. Blizzard decided to do so after they noticed the sudden rise of her Defense Matrix’s popularity. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

A nerf is on its way

According to PC Gamer, the Korean tank hero is experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to the aforementioned skill.

This is not to mention the fact that she is a significant addition in the titular dive comp meta. But unfortunately, Blizzard noticed all of these. The game’s principal designer Geoff Goodman said on a forum that would be outlining a rework for the mech-riding hero. As a matter of fact, they have been testing these changes ever since.

For instance, her Defense Matrix in “Overwatch” will be increased by 2 percent in terms of Energy decrease. This means that the efficiency of the skill’s uptime will be greatly reduced to 50 percent. Now, that is huge nerf in one way or another. Interestingly though, she can use her Fusion Cannons while using her Boosters. Of course, this means she is going to be more mobile than ever.

A new ability

Apart from the nerf, Blizzard is set to give D.Va a new ability in “Overwatch.” It is called Micro Missiles, allowing the hero to launch an array of small missiles that will explode upon impact. These will also deal damage in a certain radius around the target, though it is small. More importantly, this ability can be used while using other skills such as Fusion Cannons and Boosters.

Goodman explained that these changes were not geared to make D.Va an even more interesting hero in “Overwatch”. Rather, she can be used in a more aggressive pace while dealing huge damage. But for these to happen, her Defense Matrix would have to undergo a nerf. Because seriously, without it, she is just too powerful. Goodman, however, noted that despite the changes, Defense Matrix still remains a power tool.

But unlike before, players will learn to be more accurate and timely. This is thanks to the reduced uptime. Currently, the skill can be used as often as players can. But with the change, players will have to decide when the right time to deploy it. Goodman also said that the changes are to be introduced on the Public Test Server first, but they have yet to acquire a specific timeline.