There are plenty of heroes to choose from in “Overwatch.” All of these provides unique skills developed to offer the best gameplay experience for players. This is among the reasons why people continue to fall in love with this.

Perhaps one of the most picked defense heroes in "Overwatch" is none other than Junkrat. The explosive expert offers AoE skills, which are perfect for mass damage. Not only is he good at defending, but he is also a terrifying attacker. Here are some tips on how to effectively use him in the game. These are perfect for those who want to main him.

Lay the traps correctly

Junkrat’s trap is what makes him a scary enemy in the game. He can completely disable a target and can almost guarantee a kill using it. This is most especially if the trap has the Concussion Mine on it. Here, the key is to find a suitable place to lay the traps. Do not just put in areas where the opponents can easily destroy it.

Sometimes, the trap can work wonders in areas with health packs. “Overwatch” players just need to position it in entrances or doors that lead to health packs. But of course, to complete its efficiency, Junkrat must also be near and ready to attack the trapped target.

Try to hit the target

Unlike other heroes in “Overwatch,” Junkrat’s main fire will sometimes need a second or two before it detonates.

But despite that, it makes him a good choke point killer. He can just massively damage his opponents with ease. However, there is still a way to make these bombs more efficient.

As much as possible, try to hit the target’s body with the bomb. Do not just let it bounce on walls or grounds. Remember: the moment it hits a target’s body, the bomb explodes.

It even causes great damage enough to kill an enemy in one single sitting. So, try to use it in such a way.

Always find a safety spot when using Rip-Tire

Rip-Tire is basically Junkrat’s ultimate in “Overwatch.” He sends a, well, a tire straight to the opponents den. At his will, he can detonate it and kill the enemies. However, while using the skill, it leaves Junkrat invulnerable.

He just stands there covering his ears. If any opponent comes in, he surely will be killed.

So, as much as possible, find a good spot to hide before unleashing the Rip-Tire in “Overwatch.” Go in areas where the enemies are unlikely to find. Or better yet, hide in an area where teammates can easily rescue him. The key here is patience, as one needs to find a good spot first before using the ultimate.