A new trailer for “Pokemon Ultra Sun” and “Pokemon Ultra Moon” has been recently released. The latest video teased new story details and revealed an all new look for the Alolan main character. New details about the Z-Moves are also available.

Latest trailer

Aside from the new details about the game story, one of the major reveals in the trailer is the new look of the game’s protagonist. The trailer shows the main character as a tourist enjoying its time in Alola. Moreover, the trailer shows different types of the main character’s customization options, which includes hair and skin color.

Players will also be able to change their clothes when they are able to save some cash and visit the shop. There are also several scenes where NPCs in “Pokemon Ultra Sun” and “Pokemon Ultra Moon” are shown. The trailer also shows a scene where several Alolan Exeggutors are angry with what appears to be a Magikarp boat in their background.


Meanwhile, the Pokemon Company revealed that one of the most powerful pocket monsters in Alola Region is getting a Z-Move. According to the company, Kommo-o will have a Z-move called Clangorous Soulblaze. The popular Z-moves were first featured in the “Sun And Moon.” This is possible if the creature is holding a Z-crystal. The move can only be used once per battle.

Most of the pocket monsters use this special moves based on their Move Type. Only a handful of these monsters has special Z-Moves that synchronize to specific moves.The Z-move of Kommo-o is a special intensified version of the Clanging Scales.

The Clangarous Soulblaze boosts all of kommo-o’s stats when it is being used while the Clanging Scales most often lowers the creature’s defense after using it.

Moreover, this boost move can hit multiple creatures all at once. This means that it is useful in Competitive play. Currently, there are 11 Z-moves exclusive to a particular pocket monster with Kommo-o joining the exclusive roster. Pikachu, being the iconic face of the franchise is a special case and can learn two types of Z-Moves.

The game developer also teased on other creatures in the game that will soon be equipped with this special move in the upcoming game. Most likely, Mimikyu will get one as previously shown in the early footage of the game. You can check out the latest trailer below. The “Pokemon Ultra Sun” and “Pokemon Ultra Moon” will be officially released on November 17, 2017.